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Our Fundamental Belief

Companies that can sustainably grow earnings faster than expected will have strong price appreciation

Smith Group

Founded 1995
Celebrating more than 25 years of finding unexpected growth.

Philosophy & Process

A straightforward philosophy that has been consistently applied for over 25 years.


Our research consistently demonstrates that the earnings growth premium — capturing higher realized growth versus forecasted growth — is one of the single most important forces driving returns.


“Research is creating new knowledge.”

-Neil Armstrong

"Smith Asset Management Group believes companies that can sustainably grow earnings faster than expected will experience strong stock appreciation. The team seeks to drive returns by utilizing a combination of quantitative and fundamental analysis."

Our Philosophy

Our strategy is distinguished by utilizing a systematic, model-based framework that helps us research potential investments swiftly and methodically.

Our investment process identifies companies with the potential for unexpected earnings growth, strong earnings quality and reasonable valuations. Portfolio risk is addressed through diversification, position weighting and risk model analysis. We manage the portfolio in alignment with specific fundamental characteristics consistent with our investment philosophy.

Smith Group exists to provide high-quality investment management services to institutional and high-net-worth clients. 


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